If tech is everywhere, then it needs to be for everyone.

We want to provide free coding education to all sorts of curious, creative minds. We seek to provide access to programming/coding education so that our youth can bring a diverse and unique perspective to the growing field of technology.

From creative computing to college and career preparation, we want to use technology education to empower and encourage Rochester community members.

Play with Code: here is a little MadLibs game. When you are done filling in the boxes, press "Show me the Story!".

Play With Code: Generate a name from the Generator:

Play With Code: Pirate and Dragon game, Spritesheets, and more!

Play With Code: Quiz Maker in Python


Who is it For?

Kids and their Parents

Let's turn imagination into creation with code! Anything you like to play with, create, or envision can be turned into code. You will work together with peers or parents to solve problems, create fun things, and learn more about the technology around you.

Students of any age

We are here to help with college and career prep. Whether you know exactly what you're preparing for or not, learning to code will open doors for you! We want to make sure you feel prepared and empowered before/during college or career.

Rochester Community Members

We want to reach the Rochester Community. Learning to code is more than just career prep. It is a fun way to learn logic, problem solving, and to push yourself to learn things you haven't done before. Whatever your experience, we want to see the amazing things you can dream up!

Who Are We?

Gauri Patil

Gauri is currently a rising junior at the University of Rochester who’s majoring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and minoring in Computational Biology. She’s currently conducting research in the CAOs lab under the instruction of Dr. Brad Mahon, using computational methods to analyze visual recovery in stroke patients. As an aspiring female physician who loves all things "girly", Gauri wants to break boundaries and show the youth that you don't have to fit the stereotypical concept of an engineer to learn and appreciate the value of code. Because in today’s world, coding is no longer a skill exclusively used by computer scientists; instead, it’s a tool that’s becoming increasingly relevant in every field, especially medicine.

Jenna Register

Jenna graduated from the University of Rochester, and currently conducts cognitive science research to understand how children learn to program with the Computation and Language Lab and the Rochester Baby Lab. She has taught students of all ages introductory programming, and is inspired by the resilience of her students. She believes that programming needs to be more accessible, and wants to help provide that to people with little exposure to the joys of computing! She is committed to making this dream a reality, and helping to empower new programmers.
She often believes six impossible things before breakfast, and wants you to know that you can conquer anything.

Computing "Tracks"

We understand that programming attracts people with all sorts of interests. We believe that you learn best when doing something that you enjoy. So we want to celebrate the many perspectives of computing. These are just some sample tracks. All of these skills can be combined, and we will work with you to help you create the project you want.

Extra Links

Some resources that we find helpful and awesome!

Contact Us

Email us with your details! Please include the class size, ages, interests, location, and whether there is already access to computers.